Tuesday, March 18, 2008

North Carolina / Picasa 2.7 beta

At this posting rate, March is going to be a lousy month for me... oh well, I'll try to fix that as I can.

Now, as I stated in the last post, if I could find my MicroSD to SD card adapter I'd show some pictures of what I spent a weekend doing. Well, I found it... of all places with my paintball gear.

At the same time I've also been playing around with Google's Picasa 2.7 beta. I have to say I am not disliking the product. So I decided to see if it would handle uploading 186 photos taken in varying resolutions. Yes. Yes it did.


For those interested in the technical side, the photos were capped with an LG AX8600GR mobile phone. I started with the phones normal 640*480 capture resolution to conserve on space. At some point, I realized I probably wouldn't be back for a long while, and swapped to the phones high res 1280*960.

The photos were stored on the phones MicroSD card, then transferred into Mepis 7 using a stock MicroSD to SD card adapter using Konqueror. From there the photos were uploaded by Picasa. Seems to work well enough.

Now, as far as the Picasa 2.7 beta goes working in Mepis, I haven't seen any problems... and I'll probably go over Picasa in more detail... later.
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