Friday, March 05, 2010

BFG to sell ATi RadeonHD? HardOCP thinks so

HardOCP currently has a blurb up on their front page that just says this:
BFG to do ATI Radeon Cards?
The rumor we are hearing today is that BFG is going RED! Totally unconfirmed, but given the history I have heard over the last few years...yes years...this does not sound implausible. I am waiting for a response from BFG's CEO, but none is forthcoming.
Now, while I don't hold a lot of respect for HardOCP's Steve, Kyle is a different story. I can't remember myself ever logging into HardOCP's forums to make a correction on any news post Kyle has posted, and I can't remember the last time Kyle posted something that was a complete rumor. Ergo, if Kyle is posting that BFG is going to produce RadeonHD cards, chances are... it's likely.