Tuesday, February 02, 2016

I (Would) Choose Cruz.

The 2014 Preamble

In 2014 US voters spoke en masse. An unprecedented wave of election results sent not just record numbers of freshmen representatives into both Houses of Congress; but also into the houses of Governors across the Union. On November 5th I wrote about that Absolute Mandate, the Power of those flying under the banner of Taxed Enough Already, and the utter revulsion of the Obama Agenda on G+:  https://plus.google.com/+JeSaist/posts/a9BFnxZ9MrR

What voters got across 2015 was not the implementation of their Mandate. What voters received instead was a sitting President that abjured from any pretense of following a rule of law. Instead of working within the confines of the Presidential Duties to draft legislation for a vote before Congress; the sitting President turned to policy edits and departmental orders to carry out his agenda. The abuse of so called Executive Orders were, to rephrase various contextual comments, carried out under the Chief Executive's belief that he was working to represent all of the US Citizens who did not vote.

Which... there is no polite way to say this... is simply ludicrous. The United States is ostensibly a Republic; a style of government where citizens elect an individual who best represents the interests of those individuals. A salient point of the voting system is that elected representatives are bound to represent the interests of those who vote; not those who did not take the time and effort to vote.

While the average US citizen watched the sitting President descend into observable childish lunacy; if not abject delusional behavior; attention then turned to the Congress which is charged with oversight of all of the actions that can be taken by a sitting President. Freshmen to the House of Representatives and Senate found themselves opposed not by the other political party; but by their own senior leadership. Senior Leadership that quickly found itself being referred to as The Establishment. An unattractive title if there ever was one.

Clashes between "The Establishment" and those attempting to carry out the 2014 Election Mandate eventually came to some kind of internal conclusion. In a rare occurrence one of the Senior "Establishment" members holding the special position Speaker of the House stepped down. Those attempting to carry out the 2014 Election Mandate had won an important internal battle.

Throughout all those events one name continued to rise to the forefront and feature on the front pages of websites owned or controlled by Liberal Democrat Interests. One name was almost continually in circulation on every single site controlled by AOL Media's Arianna Huffington. One person who was bound and determined to carry out the expressed will of the People to stop the Obama Agenda and get the United States back on Track. One name that, despite not even being in the House of Representatives, was name-checked as a deciding factor that lead to the Speaker of the House turnover. One name that was attached to every single bill that needed to be defeated; one name that was attached to every single bill that was abandoned. One name who was making a difference that the Liberal Democrats and quote/unquote Establishment Republicans could not stand. One Singular Enemy who stood between the gates of the Obama Delusion and Sane Rational Behavior. One Enemy the quote/unquote "Liberal Left" was desperate to extinguish. The very embodiment of a real world Senator Bail Prestor Organa:

Senator Ted Cruz.

In some ways I'm not entirely sure that the preceding is hyperbole. I honestly saw more hit pieces on Senator Ted Cruz filter through Huffington controlled sites than any other political representative. In my book; anybody who can get on Huffington's nerves often enough that there is an observed editorial mandate to attack that person even on web sites that supposedly have zero political connection is probably somebody I want to spend a few hours playing Borderlands or UT'99 with.

It would be fair then to say that I was already tilting in the direction of Senator Ted Cruz even before the first debates and the now legendary Cruz Missile swept through social media like a firestorm across a petrol laced corn field mid-drought. What locked him in though? What made him somebody that I... after spending an in-ordinate amount of time specifically advocating ideals and not names... would openly state: You Need To Vote For This Candidate.

The Taxes

I'll go into why the other candidates sunk themselves for me in a different post; as for many there were very clear moments where they became somebody I would have difficulty voicing my support for. For Senator Cruz though; there wasn't really a singular moment where he said something, or did something, that turned him into somebody that I would openly support. 

It was rather a culmination of factors. The easiest place to start with is taxes; especially as I am somebody who self identifies as a member of the T.E.A. Party. Senator Cruz's Tax Plan is freely available to view online on his own website. In essence the Tax Plan centers around dismissing the IRS and implementing a Flat Tax.

Now, I could waste reader's time talking about the benefits of a Flat Tax plan. I shouldn't have to do that as the information on why a Flat Tax plan is sane and reasonable should be self evident. For those who really do need that kind of information spoon fed to them are probably better off just following the link to Senator Cruz's website.  

Instead I'd rather take the time and draw the link between the Tax System and political lobbying as I have done before on this blog; incidentally much to the dismay of a great number of political activists.  The extensive loopholes, credits, bonus's, and collective write-offs in the currently implemented and IRS Enforced Tax Plan functions as a root cause driving one prong of the push on Homosexual Marriage. To put simply: The Homosexual Lobby generally wants equivalent fiscal benefits to Heterosexual Couples despite not being able to fulfill the one obligation that those fiscal benefits are supposed to encourage: Produce the Next Generation.  

A Flat Tax plan that impacts everybody equally makes it easier to directly deal with issues like housing, utility infrastructure, food resources, and other aspects of simply living outside the manufactured walls of how much credit any one particular house or apartment gets based on who is inside and what their sexual relations are. Ergo a flat-tax plan effectively ruins much of the Homosexual Lobby's mentality; removing the fiscal payoff(s) for having reached equivalent legal status for couples living together. 

The Marriage Position

Removing the fiscal pillar that props the Homosexual Lobby up in turn makes it easier to reveal the second and more insidious prong of the Homosexual Lobby attack: Forcing the government to tell "The Church" what "The Church" can and cannot do

This segues into Senator Cruz's positions on Marriage and Family Life. I, for one, really don't care what people do for sexual entertainment in the confines of their own apartments. 

I do care when people's sexual entertainment and practices result in attempts to re-define various words. The entire concept of Marriage in relation to the US Government is one that is rooted within the Judeo-Christian concepts that the country was founded on. To repeat myself: The Entire Point of the US Government Recognizing a Marriage is that the Union of a Man and a Women Brings About The Next Generation Of Citizen

There just is no way around that simple fact. Senator Ted Cruz, to date, stands on that sane and rational understanding of just what the purpose of the Government's recognition of Marriage means. That in turn segues into the next point:


Recognizing that a Marriage brings about the next generation delves straight into Citizenship. I want to tangent for a bit here and write about Senator Ted Cruz's eligibility for the Office of US President. The challenge has been raised that while Senator Ted Cruz was born of an American Citizen Mother, his Father was not an American Citizen, and Senator Cruz was born off of US Soil in Canada. The US Constitution makes some specific statements on the eligibility of Presidential Candidates; and there are some arguments that suggest that because Senator Cruz's father was not an American, and because Senator Cruz wasn't born on National Soil or under a Protectorate, that the Senator is not eligible for the Office of US President.


Couple of numbers here. Props to those who grok the meaning without using Google: 
  • 1839
  • 19
  • 1919
  • 1920

If you guessed or realized: 
  • Married Women's Property Act
  • 19th Amendment
  • 19th Amendment Introduced
  • 19th Amendment Ratified

Congrats. You might already have figured out where this is going. When the US Constitution was written Women could generally not hold property; nor could they vote. As such the legislation was written with under the vernacular and context of the time.  Over the years, as a country, the US came to the conclusion that Women did have rights, they could vote, and were equal citizens to Men. These legal victories are the lens upon which the Constitution's Limitations on Eligibility of Citizens for the Office Of President must be viewed. 

Under that lens, as a son to an American Citizen, Senator Ted Cruz is eligible for the Office of the President of the United States. Period. Stop. There is no other argument. 

Which circles back around to the points from earlier. The entire point of the US Government recognizing a Marriage is that a Marriage is one of the legal frameworks for recognizing a citizen of the country. Okay, fair argument that an ever growing number of US Citizens are produced out of wed-lock; but the point still stands. The recognition of a Marriage is part of the legal process in recognizing a chain of citizenship.

Immigration and Borders

Immigration, or rather the blanket-amnesty pushed by the Obama Administration, is another aspect of future citizenship. Senator Cruz is saying all the correct things; and his congressional record covers all of the desirable objectives. Chief among those objectives is simply enforcing the laws that are in place.

Yes. That does mean there will be a significant number of deportations. It's going to hurt. It is going to rip families apart. 

One of the self-evident problems is the sheer scale of illegal immigration within the US. A scale of millions that was only achieved largely due to efforts of those identifying under Liberal Left ideals working in border states to prevent laws from enforced. So called Sanctuary Cities are a symptom of the Liberal Left's contempt for what everybody else voted on; and for what was passed into the books of Law.  

Senator Cruz has outlined a fairly comprehensive plan on how he will address Immigration and Borders. I can't lie; it is going to hurt. Cleaning up messes other people caused is rarely pretty.

In reference to the security wall to be built on the southern border. I have my own crazy plan to make the wall along the US's Southern Border a canal large enough to get two super-tankers side by side from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean; and I'd love it if Senator Cruz gave that moonshot a chance. 

The Tipping Point(s)

By now it should be pretty obvious. Senator Ted Cruz supports many, if not all, of the same ideals I have talked about here on this blogger, on G+, and on other various sites. Which comes back to the original question. When did everything Senator Cruz said and did culminate in me dusting this particular site back off to run a self-published post? 

Honestly. It was not Senator Cruz himself that tipped the plates.

It was Senator Marco Rubio. 

During one of the debates Senator Ted Cruz started talking in very plain English about the exact capabilities of law enforcement under a recently passed bill. The type of information that in the wake of the Snowden leaks had courts across the country agreeing that the average US Citizen should have been informed about. 

Senator Rubio broke in and said something about not discussing National Security in front of 15 million viewers... the exact same viewers that those National Security and Law Enforcement issues needed to be talked about to in plain English

That started the scales tipping. The scales took another tumble when the subject of Encryption came up in a debate. As best as I can determine Ted Cruz is at least aware of Kerckhoffs's Principle; or is knowledgeable enough of Open-Source development practices to realize that security professionals would treat any US Backdoor into any encryption as a front-door for every criminal on the planet; and simply write their own code; or leverage an audited Open-Source project with code not necessarily hosted within the confines of the US Borders. 

The event that wiped Senator Rubio from consideration; was the event that left Senator Ted Cruz as somebody I could support. That event was Senator Rubio up on a debate stage saying he would prosecute Snowden as a criminal while Senator Cruz would welcome Snowden home as a Patriot.

Snowden is a Patriot.

I've been over all of the evidence to date and I can find nothing that indicates that Snowden preformed his leaks with criminal intent. I genuinely believe he was somebody in a position who saw something atrocious going on... and could not let his country suffer under the Intelligence State that the Obama Administration had wrung into existence. 

Rubio's declaration on Snowden was not the clincher that made me state I Choose Cruz... but the impetus that drove me to look far more closely at Senator Cruz's policies, plans, and record. The same record, policies, and plans... that carried Senator Cruz into the top spot of the Iowa Caucus... are what makes me believe that Senator Cruz is the best candidate the GOP has to offer. 

Putting the cartoonish hyperbole, quote/unquote's, theatrics, metaphors, and snide snarky shots to one side; Senator Cruz has an uphill fight. His record is not one that resonates with much of the Senior Leadership of the Republican Party. It is my opinion that anything short of an overwhelming majority of US Voters all saying We Choose Cruz could result in a repeat of the 2015 political tragedy. The freshmen Congressional Representatives and Senators; the new blood swept into office to fulfill a mandate... could find themselves not fighting against the remnants of what was once called the Democratic National Committee. Rather they could find themselves fighting the Senior Members of the GOP... who are just as responsible for the mess the Obama Administration created.

So this is me. Je Saist. Je Zerias. The One Grumpy Bunny. The Eye of the Hurricane, Insanity Unchained and Chaos Purified. 

With one message. One simple message.

If you are an American Citizen over the age of 18: 

You need to get off your butt, get registered to vote; and go vote Ted Cruz into the US Presidential Office in an Avalanche that would make the Swiss Alps Jealous.