Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RadeonHD 6900 series launched

Yes, I am aware that AMD launched the RadeonHD 6900 series today. Yes, I am aware they offer GTX 5xx performance at a far lower cost.

No, I can't actually really give a good comment on them since I wasn't included in the pre-launch testing or press briefings.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I realize that I've been relatively silent since the elections, which prompted somebody to email me asking if I had been admitted back into a hospital. Fortunately an unexpected hospital trip has not been part of my recent history. The short version of the events is that I've been sending out cover letters and resume's left and right trying to find a job, and the strain of a lack of regular employment is beginning to show. I'm often too tired, mentally, to come up with anything that I think anybody else would want to read. I have made almost no progress on Callaer, deleting entire chapters as nothing I wrote seemed to convey any sense of charisma or presence, reading as flat and dry as Harry Potter and Twilight.

Somebody once asked me in the intervening weeks if I blamed my situation on Obama and his administration as so many other unemployed American Citizens do. The intent behind the question was to find out what my opinion was on Obama immediately performing a world-tour after the November elections, slagging off on the American Economic problems. My response was that I don't blame the Obama administration for anything.

Around 30 years ago the United States was in a Cold War with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or USSR. The USSR was largely represented in international press by Russia and East Germany, presenting a very real day to day sobering reminder of the effects of socialism. The demise of the USSR and the destruction of the Berlin Wall gave the international press one of the biggest lucky breaks they could have ever hoped for. The fragmented nations were of no military threat to the United States, one of the primary reasons the international press had to keep covering the events in the USSR. Within a few short years, the effects of socialism were removed from the international public eye as the USSR and it's subjugated nations found themselves removed from the headlines.

The lack of a visible day to day reference point for what Socalism accomplishes has allowed the political movement to take hold in the US, and the past several years have seen socalistic politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Obama rise to power. Entire generations do not understand exactly why the political beliefs espoused by the Democrat party in the US are harmful to long-term economic stability or the growth of a country. There is a cultural disconnect that with the internet and it's access to vast historical resources, should not be occurring.

For many Americans the rise of socialism and big government has long been obvious. Liberal Democrats have used a variety of tactics to force their policies upon American Citizens, often turning to the courtroom to shove policies through after the voting public shot down those policies in open votes. Seriously, go read Judge Dierker's The Tyranny of Tolerance. The abuse of the court system has seen the socalistic agenda white-whashed in the eyes of American Students.

Ergo, when halfway through Bush Jr's last term, when a Democratic Congress was voted into power, many Americans saw the writing on the wall. This leads up to another cultural disconnect over who actually controls political power in the United States.

When the Founding Fathers of the United States signed the Constitution, they did something that was inconceivable to every other nation on the planet. The Founding Fathers gave political power to the people. Under the Constitution all of the Political Power to make laws and govern the people was given unto the people. The office of the President was largely a ceremonial office, one that Congress or the people could bypass.

The sheer brilliance of the United States founding government was largely lost on other nations. Writers such as Karl Marx, and politicians such as Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, couldn't understand what the U.S. founding fathers had conceived and implemented, never realizing the power unto the people had already been recognized and established.

Think about the structure of the US Government for a minute. Name any other country in the world where the President, Prime Minister, or Premier is not the final say in political matters? Name another country where it is possible for the people to ratify and vote into constitutional law changes without the consent of the Congress or the President?

The international press, and for that matter the national press as well, don't realize that the US President is not the final authority in anything. Everything the President does has congressional oversight, and anything the President carries out can be halted by Congress.

This is why I don't blame the Obama Administration for the current state of anything. The office of the President in the United States is ultimately not-responsible for the actions they commit. If the Presidential Administration does something that is harmful to the country, it's the fault of the Congress of the United States for not stepping in. Obama and his Administration are, in a very real sense, powerless without the backing of the US Congress. Given that the liberal democrats have been in control of the US Congress for the past 4 years, it shouldn't be too hard to realize who the fault belongs to.

The fact is, the situation that lead up to the initial economic collapse of the housing market was created by Liberal Democrats forcing their agenda onto banks and lending companies. The fact is, the economic situation now was created by the actions taken by Liberal Democrats over the past couple of decades. Such collapses are what socialistic policies cause. Entire countries have been rendered bankrupt with citizens brawling in the streets over rotten loaves of bread because of socialism. Seriously, not a joke. Please go look up the history of the USSR. Not exactly what you would call a BIG SECRET.

Even though the Liberal Democrats are responsible for the economic woes of the country, for the state of the national budget, and for the train wreck that has been the Obama Administration, I don't hold them personally responsible for my situation. I made the choice to stand up for myself, and confront somebody who was breaking the law over their actions. That choice cost me my job.

I also have to recognize that at some point, I chose to specialize too much. I am not a coder, and more than once over the past couple of months, I've had serious job offers from companies looking for coders experienced in C++, Perl, Java, .NET, or so on. I've had to explain that I don't write computer code. Just because I fix computers doesn't automatically mean I can write a script to switch between embedded pictures on a mouse rollover. Just because I can tell you what that exotic error code means and the appropriate files to delete or modify to restore your desktop does not mean I can create a website page leveraging Adobe Flash.

As you can see from this post, this is basically why I haven't been writing on a regular basis. I'm just way too stressed out to make the points I want to make flow into each other, and I'm hitting random hot-points and descending into pointless examples upon pointless examples.

I'm actually beginning to feel like Patricia Tannis.