Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guide Site - updates

There's been a couple... okay... several... questions about what's happening with Blue_Genjutsu, or Cblue, has been providing the server space to host the Guide site basically since the site moved off of Fateback. I've recieved a communique from CBlue that the guide site is being moved to a new server. However, as of this point, I don't know where to point the domain name to, and until I have that information, the site is effectively down.

I've also talked about before of moving to my own server. Well, I have the hardware, AthlonXp, gig of ram, plenty of hard-drive space. I have the ISP, commercial connection, unlimited bandwith.

What I don't have is the software I want to run it with. Basically, my attempts with LAMP and DAMP have fallen flatter than a pancake. I just can't get it to work right on my own.

However, the control package that the previous hosting system used was Cpanel, found here : Basically, I'm familiar with Cpanel, I can install it, and I can configure it. However, Cpanel is licensed software :

A 1 Year License for Cpanel is $425.00 (US), and it goes up to a One Time License of $1499.99... which is about where things typically fall apart. Every time I think I've secured funding to get Cpanel... something happens. Car needs new tires, hospital says hello again, or, well, real life matters.

As most people know who have read this, I'm probably the worst person ever when it comes to asking for money, for donations, or anything of the sort.

So... that's pretty much the update for the status of the guide site.

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