Monday, March 03, 2008

Amazon does what Apple won't.

Original story by me here :

Now... check this page :

Amazon did what Apple didn't.

I am going to do a full guide for this, but I went ahead and ran a test to make sure it installed:

Yeah... it would be easier to view on the traditional blue background I use for the guide site... Anyways, yes, the Mp3 downloader did install. However, like Cedega, I had to us the apt-get install -f command in the command box to get the components that were not included natively in Mepis 7.

The program itself is a bit tricky to use. As we can see in the first picture, the Mp3 downloader has defaulted to Konqueror as it's default browser, and the immediate options for the downloader didn't offer any way to change to FireFox. I'm sure it's possible, but I'll have to spend some more time looking.

As I was using FireFox, I did find an interesting... interruption. Clicking the Download Album takes users to the download page for the Linux versions. Nice touch on Amazon's part.

Anyways, for immediate testing I did have to use Konqueror ... which might be sort of a problem. The media handling of Konqueror for flash and other proprietary technologies isn't exactly... native... in Mepis 7. Ergo Konqueror presented several KDE error crash screens, although the program itself did not terminate.

Upon selecting an album, in my case I went after Nightwish's latest (lets just say I love Rock opera and leave it at that), the download started up.

In Mepis 7 the easist way to initialize the downloader is on the first KDE dialog box to select Open, which will then give the option to Open with Amazon Mp3 downloader.

And... there we are. Nightwish is downloading.

As I said, I will follow this with a full guide.


ljogerst has come up with a current fix for running the Mp3 Downloader in Mepis 7.

1. Add this extension

2. With the Mime-edit extension above (found under the "Tools" drop down menu), setup an action for the .amz file (see photo below)

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