Friday, March 28, 2008

Mepisguides update has moved again. The new url will be

Currently though, is being moved to a new server, and I've only recently instructed GoDaddy to foward the domain to the Mepislovers address. This presents a few technical problems with my site layout.

Since I built all of the guides in NVU to use a folder format, the pictures themselves should be in place without additional modification. However I used a hard format domain link for linking page 1, 2, 3, and so on together. I also used a hard format link on linking similar guides, or guides from the same set.

BlueG, the host, has edited some of the html files to point to the new location on Mepislovers instead of Mepisguides. However, there are multiple pages that are still mislinked and need to be fixed.

I've already had one offer to help with updating the current guide sets to point to the new domain location, but we'll probably need more. If you'd like to help in fixing the html links, just drop me a PM on Mepislovers once the site settles down.
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