Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fox's take on Dragonball: Not that Bad

People who have seen my first attempt at making my own website probably correctly guessed that I'm something of a Dragonball fan... People who saw pictures I took of some of my computer systems may have also noticed a number of Dragonball products as well. People who read my take on the Chrono Trigger Playstation re-release probably also caught that I described it as the Dragonball RPG that was never going to happen, although Dragonball RPG's actually did make it stateside in the following years... And those who have seen my collection of 1990's Bandai boxed DBZ / DBGT toys... think I'm a complete lunatic for Dragonball...

Which is actually pretty correct. Suffice to say, I was reading and enjoying the Dragonball series long before Funimation and Cartoon Network got their hands on the projects. I can even forgive some of the horrendously bad effects from the conversion from Manga to Anime, such as focusing on a single panel setup panel for 2 or 3 minutes... simply because at the core, I liked Dragonball. I liked the storyline and the concept. When I needed another alien race for Callaer, I didn't even bother disguising the use of Saijens.

The point of this is that I pretty much consider myself a hardcore fan of Dragonball, although I will admit that's probably not exactly cool at the present time, sort of like being a Trekkie.

And the new trailer from 20th Century Fox?

Doesn't upset me at all. Actually I think it's rather cool looking.

Even if it's not 100% accurate to the Dragonball series, I'm fine with that. I, personally speaking, really expected another Super Mario Brothers movie, a movie that was pretty much rubber stamped with Dragonball characters and not much else. I expected something truely horrendous that didn't even bother staying true to the anime concepts... and well... from the trailer, it seems that Fox has stayed pretty close to the concepts.

Considering that the anime to live action genre normally goes really wrong to begin with, it's quite refreshing to see something that looks like it went halfway right... and I'll probably be sitting in the theater on opening night for it.
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