Monday, December 29, 2008

yes, I picked up a 360

Couple of notes. If you've been watching the website, you might have noticed some rapid changes over the past month. Suffice to say, the winter specials and New Years events have kept me pretty busy.

Anyways, to the main point... yes, I have picked up an Xbox 360... partially funded by selling off my Playstation Portable. While talking in Gamestop about the system, I made a comment that I hadn't purchased anything for the system since Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters. One of the store clerks shot back, "You mean there's been some more games since then?."

For me, the PSP was probably one of the worst $250 purchases I ever made. I honestly had less games for it than I did for the original Xbox, and there just hasn't been any compelling content on the system for a long time... and the upcoming play-list looked to be pretty bare as well.

I also saved some money on the 360 by picking up one of the refurbished xbox 360's instead of a brand new one... having taken advantage of Circuity City's pre-Christmas special on a hard-drive and wireless controller for the 360. All told, I pretty much got the $299 Xbox 360 for around half the price.
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