Saturday, December 13, 2008

CoH - Pain Domination / Cold Domination

Originally wrote and posted this on the City of Heroes forums here.

However, since most good ideas on game forum threads tend to get buried in a crush of bad ideas... posting my take on the Pain and Cold sets here.


Actually spawned from I13 feedback here.

One of the things that bugs me about the pain domination and cold domination sets is that they sound like Dominator sets... but aren't.

So I proposed changing the names to pain corruption and cold corruption to better signify their use in corruption the powers of pain and cold to suit the users interests. That opens up the cold domination and pain domination sets for actual Dominator powersets. So the idea here is to create a workable framework, list of powers, and implementation of powers that would fit the cold domination and pain domination sets.

The base framework as follows seems to be about the same for each dominator

Tier 1: single immobilize

Tier 2: single hold

Tier 3: special power

Tier 4: aoe status effect

Tier 5: mass immobilze
Tier 6: weak mass hold

Tier 7: unique power

Tier 8: strong mass hold

Tier 9: pets


following this train of thought then:

Cold Domination

Cold Domination : the idea of Cold Domination is that it will borrow aspects of Ice Control and Storm Control. To separate it from Ice Control, work on it having a few more debuffs / buffs, and targeted radial drop AOE's instead of targeted aoe burst aoes. Cold Domination calls up on the powers of the Arctic Winds to freeze and shock opponents.

Tier 1: single immobilize : Lighting Paralyze : summon an arctic cloud that strikes with a bolt of lighting paralyzing an opponents lower legs. Alternatively, a low cloud filled with sparks appears about the targets legs shocking the opponent into submission.

Chance for 30second Mag 2 stun

Tier 2: single hold : Lighting Lock : The target is overcome with a cold storm that shocks them into a hold.

When target exits the hold, 15 second Mag 2 stun.

Tier 3: special power : Artic Fog : lifted directly from Cold Corruption

Tier 4: aoe status effect : Snow Storm : lifted directly from Storm Summoning. Massive toggle Slow Debuff.

Tier 5: mass immobilize : Lighting Storm Paralyze : Summon a cold blast that detonates a shocking cloud at low levels, paralyzing enemies where they stand.

Chance for a 20second Mag 2 stun

Tier 6: weak mass hold : Arctic Icicle Detonation : The Cold Dom launches a ball of ice into the air detonating it at eye level. Enemies are struck by a blast of cold wind and think they have been hit by a stronger attack, closing their eyes and turning away. Attack though and the victims will realize it was just a trick.

Tier 7: unique power : Arctic Waters : The Cold Dominator Summons forth a well of shallow water, as freezing tendrils wrap around foes legs. Enemies defenses and resistances drop, and enemies recieve a dramatic slow to travel speed and recharge rates.

Tier 8: strong mass hold: Lightning Storm Lock : The Cold Dominator unleashes their most powerful attack. A huge storm explodes completely paralyzing everything in sight.

15 second mag 2 stun on exit from hold

Tier 9: pets : Lightning Cloud : Cold Dominators can summon forth cold winds personified in the the Lightning Cloud. The pet follows the dominator around chilling everything in it's path. It's able to cloud enemies visions, lowering accuracy, and the constant cold temperatures drop Defense and resistance. Unlike other pets, the Lightning Cloud is weak. Aside from being able to generate it's own lightning strike, it has nothing else to offer.


Pain Domination

Pain Domination : The concept of Pain dominators is that they inflict pain on a very mental and physical level upon their opponents. Unlike Mind Dominators they strike to the bone, not to the head. Like Pain Corruption though, Pain Domintors use pain to their own adventage as much as their enemies disadvantage

Tier 1: single immobilize : Oppression : The Pain Dominator can make even the hardiest foe feel pain. It's not enough to stop attacks, but with but a hand wave, most enemies just won't feel like moving.

Tier 2: single hold : Oppressive Force : The Pain Dominator digs in and uses both hands to generate a wave of energy stopping enemies dead in their tracks. Enemies that are held take little damage, but their regeneration rate drops dramatically, and they need to take a moment to catch their breath.

(the intent of this power is to have an effect similar to the transfusion power from kinetics, with an end removal and regen decrease equivalent to a kinetics defender).

Tier 3: special power : Soothing Aura : lifted from Pain Corruption. Pain doms can heal allies around them.

The Heal buff is equivalent to an Empathy Defenders heal buff.

Tier 4: aoe status effect : Radiated Pain : A Pain Dom won't hesitate to use an allies body as a tool. A hand wave places a wave of pain circulating an ally. All enemies who come close are convinced they will take more damage.

(The intent of the power is to be similar to the sonic buff of
disruption field giving a resistance debuff)

Tier 5: mass immobilize : Mass Oppression : The fury of the Pain Dominator extends to all. A wave of pain washers over enemies, leaving them with their legs quaking. It won't stop attacks, but it will make most enemies think twice about moving again.

Tier 6: weak mass hold : Anguishing Scream : A scream of pain causes enemies to halt in fear. However, a scream alone won't halt enemies for-ever, for if they refocus their attention, they'll keep attacking, even if they have trouble dodging attacks and think they take more damage than they should.

(intent of the power is a Modification of Anguishing Cry from Pain Corruption. Because of the hold component, use the debuff values from the Mastermind, which has a lower defensive debuff value).

Tier 7: unique power : Forced Pain : The Pain Dom is never afraid to sacrifice their own health to that of their enemies discomfort. The pain dom sacrifices their own regen rate to keep enemies disoriented.

(The intent of this power is to be similar to Oppressive Gloom on the Dark Armor side. However, instead of sacrificing hit points, Pain Dom's sacrifice 50% of their regeneration. A higher Regeneration rate increases the lasting time and strength of the disorient.)

Tier 8: strong mass hold : Oppressing Shutdown : The Pain Dominator unleashes waves pain, hitting enemies in there very bones. Enemies take massive smashing and lethal damage and held for an extended period of time. The sheer force of the attack takes a chunk out of the Pain Dominator though.

2 minute Hold time. 5 minute recharge time. Hitting the Enhancement Diversification limit will mean that Pain Doms can actually keep the hold cycling. However, using Oppressing Shutdown causes the Pain Dom's own regeneration rate to shut down for 30 seconds, and if Forced Pain is running, send a Pain Dom's regen rate into negative numbers. Recovery Rate is also terminated for 30 seconds. The intent is that this is a nuke for dominators.

Tier 9: pets : Shadow of Pain : The Pain Dom can summon forth a being of ill will from dimensions best left unmentioned.

(The intent of Shadow of Pain is that it is an analog of the illusionist phantasm. It is able to create a decoy copy of itself, and attack with ranged dark attacks. However, while it has a high resistance, it can't be buffed, and it can't be healed).



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