Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Update on System for sale:

Okay, running an update on the system that I mentioned was up for sale. The pictures I took were from an Athlon64 2800 mounted on a DFI LanParty UT. However, I think the powersupply that I mentioned before has had a detrimental affect on the motherboard. So... while it runs, I couldn't sell it.

However... I do have a system that is ready to go out the door in time for a Christmas Gift. I've got a hardware report up for it here:

Quick specs are Abit's NF7-S 2.0 (the good one), coupled with an x1600 Pro and AMD's Xp 2500+ Barton running as an AthlonXp 3200+. The case is like the pictures I showed earlier, The Thermaltake Bach case.

Price is $500 which includes shipping, and a keyboard and mouse.

Also, on a note, now having had an experience with the credit card system that did not involve AAFES... paying by credit cards directly will add anywhere from 3 to 5 days processing time. (Sorry Jim for finding that out the hardway with you.)

Going back to the main point, funds from this sale will help pay for a new motherboard and fans for the Athlon64 I linked earlier. The processor, graphics card, memory, drives, and everything else check out on other hardware I have. So hopefully if the Axp unit goes quickly enough, I'll be able to turn the A64 back around and have it ready to go in time for Christmas as well.

I've also pitted these two processors (and actually both these motherboards) against each other before :

Yes... big matrix, but in my own testings, these systems are about the same power. However, the testing was originally done on the DFI... which the A64 won't actually ship with...

Anyways, contact information is over on the site.
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