Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Space: It's a brick wall.- Updated

I just recently completed a couple more hardware reports for the guide site... and found that one of them just wasn't uploading all the pictures. So, I checked the site...

Disk Space Usage 982.54 Megabytes
Disk space available 17.46 Megabytes
Oh... goody. A little bit of history here... MepisGuides originally started on Fateback, a free hosting site, specifically here :

When I slammed into the hosting limit for Fateback, Cblue at Mepislovers moved the site to her servers, where it's basically been since. Now... I've slammed smack dab into the space limit for the Mepislovers hosted site... and now I'm having to seriously examine options to continue expanding Mepisguides.


update on this. Have a potential solution in mind, but it actually won't be happening until next year. One of my clients has a static pipe that is currently being relatively unused, and are willing to finance a Cpanel license to bring their existing site "in-house," if I furnish the hardware to run it.

Part of me goes... "not really a big deal" since I've done the whole "don't update for freaking months thing before." However... having learned this the hardway, non-consistent updates means less donations, means less visibility, and means less chances to sell systems. So, I'm a couple months out on attempting consistent updates for MepisGuides / LinuxGuides.

That... actually doesn't mean I'll be less than busy. Hopefully the new artwork will be in the next Mepis, at which point I'll start working on the install books to be published through Lulu. It might be mid-January before I have the books in a condition I'll be happy with.

Also, don't forget, one of my AXP systems is still available and would make a nice Christmas Present.

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