Monday, December 10, 2007

AT / DT : caught lying again

AT / DT has a post up now claiming that AMD has been caught lying about power consumption. I haven't bothered reading the news for one simple reason: AT / DT has never ever called Intel down on their power consumption ratings with their Conroe based processors, or their various northbridges.

I've stated before in other forums of talk that Anandtech / Dailytech has lost all credibility for any news posting or review. I have specifically mentioned problems with their logic and methods here, and also went into how they used a known bug as "factual" performance in server testing.

Now, I can't stop people from reading AT / DT. I can, however, have a documentation point in my own blog noting when they went from "possibly not neutral" to being "just how much is Intel paying you anyways?" Wish I had that kind of money coming in, but as far as I'm aware, AMD has never paid journalists for favorable reviews or news posts. (or at least me or anyone else I talk with on a regular basis).


Running an edit on this. Somebody emailed me to state that AT / DT had ran a "semi-retraction" on their post... by running another post... I guess it was to be expected.
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