Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Mac would be nice.

Shameless dreaming abounds. This goes back to a post I made about a month about looking for Intel and Nvidia hardware. While I have lots of hardware examples to work with, I don't have an Intel Core2 Duo of my own to work with, the Intel Graphics Chip I had to work with is on a now dead tablet, and I don't have any Geforce 8x00 cards to work with.

Among hardware I also don't have is a Macintosh system. I used to want a Macintosh because Apple used PowerPC hardware which was fairly exotic. However, with a Playstation3 in hand, I have one of the most power PowerPC systems ever built, and something far more exotic than a G5. Due to my own bias against Intel, I haven't exactly been interested in a Macintosh system since the switch.

Recently though I've seen a couple of requests pop up in Mepislovers asking how to handle Mepis 7 Series on the Macintosh x86 platforms. Well, Apple hardware does use EFI, a technology I've already talked about before when discussing exactly how hostile to Open Source Intel is, which does mean installation steps are a little weird. A quick glance at the Mac Mini page also notes an interesting factor. A Macintosh Mini comes with a Core2 Duo processor and uses Intel Integrated graphics, granted the older GMA 900 series graphics.

The low end MacBook Laptops also have a Core2 Duo processor, and the newer Intel x3100 Integrated GPU's.

At this point the tune "All I want for Christmas" popped into my head, although the original tune of of "two front teeth" was replaced with "nice white mac."

Course the practical side of me notes that the 20" Imac is probably the better bang for buck, but I already have a RadeonHD 2600 in Asus's F3K, and I doubt there's any way I could justify begging for an Imac based on the processor alone.

I'm halfway thinking about putting one of my media systems up for grabs to help finance obtaining a Macintosh. It's an Athlon64 2800+ mounted in a BachMedia Case. The fans have all been replaced, and the power supply needs to be replaced as well. It will ship with a Vantec.

I'm looking to sell it for about $500 which includes shipping to anywhere in the US via UPS.

And... as before, click on the images for the higher resolution versions. Contact emails and donation buttons are over at Mepisguides.

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