Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why I reject the idea of a Gov't Conspiracy against "aliens"

One of the stories currently being passed around, again, involves a former astronaught who claims the US Government is actively suppressing evidence of aliens and life beyond earth. I, for one, don't believe for a second that the US Government is suppressing anything involving aliens. Now, this isn't because I am a Christian, and believe that God made the planet specifically for us, and made humans unique out of all the creature in the universe. It's not because vertical evolution violates all of the current known laws of physics and thermodynamics, and that additional life in the universe would require even further disruption of so-far unbreakable aspects of reality.

Rather, I reject the idea because the US Government isn't the only government involved in space travel. I also reject the idea because the US has at least two diametrically opposed political parties.

Those who claim that the US Government are covering up evidence of aliens have a great deal more faith in the abilities of the government than I do, and have a grossly overstated imagination of the importance of the United States. Fact is, the US isn't the only country in the world. It's not the only country with radar. It's not the only country with satellites. It's not the only country with citizens that have camera's. It's not the only country with citizens who have phones or internet connected devices.

Anybody who seriously believes that ONLY the US has the capabilities to detect Aliens, and that ONLY the US would have been visited by Aliens, needs to have their ego reigned in. The fact is, if there WAS something out there in space, or some unidentified landing, it's a fair guess that at least the Russians, Chinese, Japanese, and possibly Koreans would be able to detect it, or extract such information from US systems. While the Japanese, and to some extent some segments of what remains of Russia, as well as what passes for South Korea, can be considered allies of the US and might agree to some sort of pact to limit the spread of such information, there's no doubt that China would have no part in such a deal. Such information could easily be weaponized.

In the same manner, while the two dominant political parties in the US come to agreements over some policies, there's no doubt that evidence of aliens or life outside of earth would be seen as a great political coup. Given the number of leaks from the aides of senators, tell-all's from former White House administrators and staff, and so on and so forth, if there WAS such information to be had, somebody would have used it to their benefit.

The fact is, while the US Military is quite good at secret operations, along with the FBI, NSA, CIA, BATF, and US Postal Service for that matter, congress and the White House have a lousy history of being able to keep secrets. Given that the current democrat leaders in Congress have no concept of personal responsability, or accountability, such information would have most certainly leaked from their offices. It hasn't, because it doesn't exist.

By the same token, if there was some kind of global agreement between every nation to not talk about Aliens, there's no way in the world it would hold. Countries at war do not hesitate to use any advantage, and an outside force to Earth, or even the very knowledge of such a force, would certainly be a weapon that no third world dictator could pass over.

While I realize that pointing out the bleeding obvious isn't going to stop people from claiming that aliens exist, and it won't stop people from believing that the US is the only nation in the world, and that somehow the government of the US is competent enough to maintain a lie for decades....

At least I'll have something to link people to when I tell them to SHUT UP.

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Ralph said...

I am a Christian as well, and personally I have no problem with the idea that God might have put life on other planets. Big universe, after all, and He didn't tell us EVERYTHING He is up to, you know. And having two children doesn't make one or the other any less precious...

Besides, statistically speaking the more frequently a phenomenon occurs in the universe the LESS likely it is that it happened by accident. If earth were the only planet in the impossibly vast universe with life on it, evolutionists can at least try to plead statistics... one planet in a billion, hey, the lotto offers worse odds, right? but if two or twenty or a million planets have life? Well, it becomes obvious that the lottery is rigged.