Monday, April 06, 2009

Crunch- good news for a change

Apologies for another washed out image, but I figured I'd try and take a shot to show people what happened to the underside of the used car. The triangle object near mid-picture is part of the CV axle. As you can (hopefully see) it's been effectively sheared off.

The good news came after a visit to Chevy for parts. The engine in the Beretta wasn't the Quad4 I been lead to believe. It was the standard 2.2 4 cylinder. The repairman who ID'd the car as a Quad4 had transposed some numbers on the VIN. Quad4 Beretta's are supposedly signified by the letter T in the 8th number position. On my VIN there was a letter T in the 10th position. The critical 8th number was the number 4, signifying the 4 cylinder 2.2.

The upshot on correctly id'ing the car is that I was no longer looking at paying Vendor prices for parts, and the water pump job that everybody had told me was horrendous was going to be (relatively) easy.

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