Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lumia mirrored on ComicGen

Blue Zombie used to be one of the my favorite webcomics, and long after the comic had died, I kept it in my to-read list. The comic successfully spun a zombie story in a completely different light, and at one point had woven a compelling backstory. Like Erfworld, Blue Zombie turned perceptions upside down. The zombie wasn't a brain-dead gibbering mess intent on devouring all brains in sight. Rather she was a cute little thing that you wound up feeling sorry for. It didn't hurt either that as one of the early webcomics, it had a distinctive art-style.

The artist behind Blue Zombie recently started a new comic, Lumia's Kingdom (original site). Like Blue Zombie before it, the comic turns perceptions upside down. Yes, the King of Knadds is Greatly Well Hung, and quite naked. Although you never actually see this, and the entire interaction with the King of Knadds is played for laughs, you will probably feel just about as disturbed as Lumia probably feels.

A fair bit of warning, the comic tends to be risque, but honestly, if you've seen Spaceballs, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, or any Bob Hope / Bing Crosby Road movie for that matter, the humor is more along those lines. It's not gutter based, but it's not High-Elf either. Granted, in all fairness, the comic is much cleaner than what passes for comedy in movies today.

The bad news for Lumia is that the comic's host, ComicDish, was hacked. Many of the comicdish subsites, including Lumia's Kingdom, could have contained malicious javascript, and Google currently lists the site as a malicious host. That's not really a problem for me, I don't run Windows, and I don't run in /root. While the infection has been cleaned up, it could be a while before Google removes their alert on the site.

For now then, the artist, Tamar Curry, is updating the comic on http://lumia.comicgenesis.com/. Check it out.

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