Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why does the "media" love Obama?


TV Ratings and newspaper subscriptions have been falling for years. It seems like every other day we hear about a newspaper that's shutting down, or a TV station that can't sell advertising. A good case in point is NBC, whose advertising was down 52%.

Those in the media industry naturally try to cater to the interests of those who pay for the content creation. So, as newspapers and broadcast media embarked on an ever left-ward leaning political point of view, the people willing to pay for that leftward leaning point of view were, and are, leftists.

The result was, and is, a catch-22 situation. The former leaders of print and broadcast media needs money. The only people willing to pay for them to create content are leftists. In order to continue getting money from the leftists then, print and broadcast media continue to create content that caters to the leftist view. So people like Obama are not only off-limits, they have to be held up as Paragons of Society in order to appease the paying base.

This is why there is such a drastic difference between FoxNews and any other news channel, or even all of the other news services combined. Since FoxNews tries to be balanced in the political spectrum, more people are willing to pay for content creation on Fox.

However, because Fox tries to be balanced when everybody else in the medium is unbalanced, there is the situation where Fox seems to have a right-leaning perspective.

The sad part of the situation is that the accountants behind the former leaders seem incapable of realizing what is going on. They honestly do not understand why FoxNews is a success, and MSNBC is a failure.

Many in the print media blame falling newspaper subscriptions on the rise of Internet Blogging. This is technically true. However, Internet Blogging is just a continuation of Ham Radio and Shortwave radio of the past. Anybody can get news out. It's the people who can take the news, gather it together, and then make it presentable and understanable, who stand to make a living in the market. The internet, as a news medium, is just a quicker version of the wire services newspapers have been using for years. However, instead of relying on another reporter to go and get the story, the average person is in a position to get the story straight from the source itself.

People flocked to Internet Blogs because of the source-based reporting. There wasn't some double spin put on the story, as is common on the Associated Press wire, where one person puts the story on the wire as they saw it, then another person rewrites the story as they read it.

The radio media is in a similiar position. Rush Limbaugh is a giant in radio media, and ad time on his show can run into thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars in certain markets. Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, and Michael Reagan also have prime time radio slots that can draw expensive advertisements. These guys are all right-wring conservatives.

Yet, the Left-sided radio program / station, Air America, has to PAY radio stations to carry their programming. Raunchy shock jocks like Howard Stern found themselves limited to Satellite Radio, and while Sirius/XM isn't exactly doing that well as is, their numbers on shock jocks are not that shockingly low.

No private investor has any interest in finacing these shows.

So the print and broadcast leaders of yester-year find themselves in the same shoes as the US car industry. People don't buy American cars because they suck. BMW and Mercedes get far more horsepower and torque out of an engine than Ford, GM, or Crysler. A japanese pickup truck can survive a 20 story drop from a building that's being imploded, specifically a Toyota HiLux Diesel. A japanese car gets many more miles to the gallon than a US car on gasoline. A European diesel, specifically the VW Golf, can average 73 miles to the gallon.

Even when you did get a comparable car, say like GM's Saturn division, you'd be looking at $20,000 for options that would come standard on a $15,000 Honda.

To try and keep on point here, the only people interested in preserving the US Auto-Industry as it is, are the Unions. Unions are by-and-large, left-leaning organizations, with socialistic tendencies. Because Unions are such a large-voting block, it's in the interest of left-wing politicians to keep the unions operational.

Rather than make the smart economical choice, and follow the trend in the privatized market (where Unions are next to non-existant), left-wing politicians will do anything to keep their voting blocks alive. So again, catch-22. The Unions don't want to join the free-market. They want to keep inflated wages, and benefits for everybody in the union that surpass the companies ability to pay, and will only elect people to power who will make sure the unions stay together. People who want political power will then make sure the Unions stay together to ensure they GET or KEEP that political power.

Notice the similarities? Lets inject "print and broadcast media"

Rather than follow the trend in privatized market (where Unions are next to non-existant), left-wing print and broadcast media will do anything to keep their subscriptions and advertisers. The news and print media doesn't want to take chances on advertising or investors, and only write stories that keep current advertisers and investors handing money over. Advertisers and investors, rather than seeking a wider audience, continue to fund the print and broadcast media in order to make sure they GET or KEEP their exposure.


taken from an email.
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