Friday, March 20, 2009

CanSecWest: No Linux laptops... wonder why

The news from CanSecWest that FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Safari all fell to penetrations on the first day put a feather in Google's cap as Chrome remained standing. However, there was one startling difference from this years contest compared to last years's Pwn 2 Own. During the 2008 conference the laptop running Ubuntu Linux went unclaimed :

This year, Linux wasn't invited back, with the only appearance consisting of Google's Android Mobile Phone stack:

If I in were the shoes of Microsoft or Apple, I would probably be sweating. Especially considering that one of the panel's consists of hardening Linux: The obvious read between the lines, and one that Dell would be smart to pick up as a promotion, is that Linux is so secure, the best Hackers in the world didn't think they could take a Linux system down in 3 days.

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