Sunday, March 22, 2009

31 states could be looking at redo's of November Elections

I think this falls under the excrement has hit the spinning device on the ceiling category. Diebold, now known as Premier Election Solutions, has admitted a serious flaw found in their voting machine software which allows election officials to delete votes with absolutely no record.

2 US States, Georgia and Maryland, use Diebold equipment exclusively, and 29 other states also utilize Diebold equipment in voting precincts. The design flaws, and other issues surrounding the voting equipment, has called into question the validity of results obtained from Diebold voting machines. Several states have already promised inquiries, and there's no telling what the final result will be.

One of the possibilities is that all precients that that utilized Diebold equipment could have to revote on every issue in which a Diebold machine was used to count the resultes. Given that most people are viewing Obama's first number of days in office as a complete disaster, with groups already gathering for Tax protests, there is little doubt as to what the results of a revote will be.

More than likely liberal news agencies like Reuters, Associated Press, ABC, NBC, MicroSoft-NBC, CBS, and CNN will try to bury the problems with Diebolds equipment, as any revote would likely remove the current political party from power, if not reverse the office of president as well.

Diebold and their business partners have a lot to answer for, as the flaws demonstrated in Diebold's system make the hanging chads from Florida seem like a minor problem.

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