Friday, November 14, 2008

PepsiCo... stay out of the culture war

I normally don't bother passing on stuff like this, since I figure anybody who is interested is probably already subscribed to the AFA.

Long story short I buy a lot of Pepsi products when it comes to drinks. For starters, I try to support companies that partner against the likes of the RIAA and MPAA. Given Pepsi's overly long cross-promotion with's DRM free music I've been more than happy to buy up Pepsi products.

Second, I've come to actually like the taste of Caffeine Free Pepsi. I can honestly taste tell the difference between most caffeine free drinks, and their original versions. With Pepsi? Still tastes enough like a Soda to me.

So when I find out that Pepsi has decided to get involved with the Liberal Democrats Culture War on the United States, I'm a little upset:

I've already gone into the reasoning behind the homosexual agenda before. My view is that people just want money, and they see the Homosexual agenda as a quick way to get that money. From what I directly know, all of the reports about the size of the Homosexual agenda use falsified data, and that far from having a 1 in 10 minority rate populated by the likes of falsified data surrounding the Michael Kinsey reports, the real rate is somewhere around 1 in 10000, not that the MPAA or various television shows would ever dare suggest that Homosexuals make up one of the smallest minority groups in the US.

My take is that a corporate business has no business getting involved with the Homosexual agenda, on any level. Doing so is a recipe for disaster. A good case in point is Disney, which under boycott managed to save itself on paper by scrapping multiple cruise ships, international clubs, and rapid expansion of the Disney Corporation. Even today television watchers and movie goes have noted that Disney's quality isn't what it used to be, a large result of cutting costs under the Boycott caused by partnering with Homosexual groups.

Now the executives who pursued a gay-friendly work enviroment, and worked for the gay-causes are now gone from Disney. Ejected because it was simply bad business. The same story is true with McDonalds, which under financial pressure, severed it's ties with the homosexual agenda.

One would think that after a while, corporations would learn that supporting Homosexuals in any way, in the US, is a sure fire recipe for ticking off the majority of consumers, and will inevitably result in profitable companies having to scramble to look good on paper, even while bleeding heavily underneath.

Pepsi's pretty much always played second fiddle to Coca-Cola as a world-wide soft-drink, and supporting the Homosexual Agenda in any way... based on past histories of companies that have done such support on the fraudulent data put forward by the Homosexuals, could easily turn Pepsi-Co into a niche market product like Royal Crown Cola.

Speaking for myself, when I hit Kroger today, it won't be for Pepsi. I'll simply go to Coca-Cola.
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