Tuesday, November 11, 2008

General British leaves NCSoft


There's... a lot that could be said here. I used to love Tabula Rasa, to the point that I even started writing fiction that took place in the Tabula Rasa universe. However, after Richard Garriot was promoted out of Destination Games, the game... suffered. The developers caved to the pvp crowd, and Tabula Rasa stands as the worst performing NCSoft game going. Now that Richard Garriot is gone, for good, from the game, I really wonder what the development team will do from this point.

Speaking for myself, when I played during Operation Immortality, I found a lot of bugs that were still unresolved, after literal months. The game just never lived up to what it could have been... and now... I doubt it ever will.

(well... I dunno, unless NCSoft hires me to direct the storyline and game mechanics... but I don't see them doing that)

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