Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CoH - Completed ITF: no tank

My apologies for the lack of updates. I am reluctant to talk about my health, and recent attempts to write have descended into pity posts. Anyways, I was finally on a team that managed to complete the Imperious Task Force in City of Heroes without a tank, and without a taunting brute. While we did have a brute, the player stated they were set up for offensive play. As I've come to find with the real numbers addition to CoH, the strength of a Brutes armor is identical to that of a scrapper, which is about 30% less than that of a Tank. However, Brutes do get the HP caps that tanks get. Anyways, the rest of the team was comprised of a claw scrapper, a blaster, a kin corrupter, a dark corrupter, a storm corrupter, a warshade, and a kin / elec defender.

Now, if you've read any segments of CoH on this blog, you probably know that I really don't like controller kinetics, specifically fire kinetics. One of the factors that I cite is that you can't be a good kinetics, and a good anything else. This factor was backed up during a dialog between fights.
How many kins do we have on this team?
Feels like 4.
Ego petting aside, the kinetics corrupter was just as good my kin defender at keeping everybody speed boosted and fulcrum shifted, and when asked by a friend online what the corrupter's primary set was, I was lost for an answer. I hadn't really seen the corrupter attack.

So, the mix we took into the TF was one of high DPS and High Debuff. Between the two kins, we were dropping regeneration rates on transfusioned enemies for about 20 seconds at a 50% drop each. When we concentrated on a single target? That translated into a 100% loss on regen rate coupled with a -12% endurance drop for each hit, on kinetics that were pumped on both speed boost and siphon speed. So, nothing had a regen rate, nothing had any endurance, and that's not even accounting for all of the debuffs a dark can dish out, nor the slow debuffs from the -storm, nor the debuffs that a warshade has in their mires.

Which was why we got away with no tank. During the fight against Romulous at the end of the ITF, the entire team had it's damage boost capped, Romi had no endurance, no regen rate, no recovery rate, and the spawning nictus was only serving to help fuel fulcrum shift.

So, yes, it is possible to get away with taking Romi down on a tankless team. You just need a metric ton of debuffs and offensive. Take a couple of kins, really, take us. We... well I... can't do much on my own.

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