Wednesday, August 06, 2008

blood pressure

Don't think I don't feel tacky for posting this... because I do feel really tacky.

One of the reasons I left Sitel Corporation involved my direct health. I had a skyrocketing blood pressure, and was pretty much ordered by my doctor to get out of that job. About a month or so ago I made a concerted effort to cease drinking caffeinated soda's, reason being that I developed a noticeable... shake.

Well, on a trip to the Doctors office in the past week for something not related to blood pressure, I was informed that my blood pressure was reading at 185 - 190 on the top number (no idea what that is), and was told if it didn't go down immediately, I was going to be put into a local hospital.

My blood pressure is now, after medication, about 30 points lower. Anyways, if you were interested, that's whats been going on with me.

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