Tuesday, April 08, 2008

SSBB : maps upload

Bit of a different turn here. For those who haven't heard, Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers Brawl is out and about. Thankfully the formula of the game hasn't changed from the original Smash Brothers, or the Melee release, but one of the new major features is a level editor. Some of the unlockable content is also made available after you have built some of your own levels, which I did.

One of the major features of the map editor is that maps can be saved to an SD memory card, so that players can take their favorite home-made maps to a friends house. Well, on a whim, I took the files from one SD card, placed them on another, and checked to see if the Wii would read the map data. It did...

Theoretically then, all anybody else should have to do is copy the same files to an SD card of their own, and they should be able to play the maps I made. Might as well see if it works:


Setup is simple, just download the .zip file, and open up it. The top level folder should be named private. Simply copy the private folder onto an SD card, and the maps should be readable on your own Wii.

If you already have been creating custom maps, the directory should be in place on an existing SD card.
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