Thursday, April 17, 2008

AMD CCC Linux Edition comparisons

While finishing up the capture for a Fglrx driver install using Yamal's script from Mepis Lovers I noticed some changes in the new AMD Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition. So, before I go over the driver install, figured I'd go over some of the changes in the control panel.

8.40 + 1.3

Up first is one of the first new control panels, version 1.3 coupled with the older 8.40 driver.

Not much to note with the monitor detection screen.

Currently in the this older version of the control panel the 3D overrides are together on a single page with no examples of how the filtering effects will work.

8.43 + 1.6

By the launch of Mepis 7 the 8.43 driver and 1.6 Control Panel were included in the repository.

Again, not much to change on the display manager itself...

The 3D section, however, has separate entries for Anti-Aliasing...

and Anisotropic filtering.

8.47 + 1.8

Depending on the platform, the 1.8 Control Center doesn't show any major improvements.

By this release pop-up help options should be working... as was captured below.

The anti-aliasing remains pretty much the same...

As does the anisotropic filtering.

Not much to say on Vertical refresh.

There are, however, some new choices to be had under Preferences, such as turning the pop-up help off.

As stated, depending on the platform, things are a bit different. The 8.47 driver coupled with the 1.8 control panel on a RadeonHD 2600 laptop shows a new addition to the control panel.

Running down the list though, not much in the display manager...

or in the 3D settings...

however... PowerPlay was working... for I think just about the first time I have ever seen on a Radeon mobile platform.

As we can see the changes to the new Catalyst Control Center have largely been incremental since AMD introduced the new control center. However, the Control Center is gaining features on a regular pace, so hopefully it won't be too long before the Linux Edition will match it's Windows counterpart for features.

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