Saturday, February 02, 2008

wthcomics... returns??

Maybe I send slightly more than 5 people Joshua's way. Okay, so what's my deal with this comic? Well, like Fanboy Otaku Gamers Club, I used to run the chatroom for wthcomics on Nightstar. I think I found the comic originally through Greg Dean's Real Life Comics when Jericho ran a joke that nobody could bench press an X-box.

Yeah, my sorta joke. wthcomics was also one of the few webcomics I've read that was funny from two different perspectives. Joshua continually referenced various anime shows and movies in almost every story arc. Most comics that do such references typically aren't that good unless you know the source material. For example, Kris Straub's Rod and Berry. If you know Star Trek, Simon Pegg, and BattleStar Galatica, the 3 test comics are hilarious. If you don't know the source though... well... It's not really that funny.

wthcomics on the other hand, had a tendency to not rely on the source content being the joke. If you knew the source, the comic was funnier... and if you didn't? It was still funny. Not many comic writers out there can do that.

... now my question is... is Joshua going to try to do the Kim Possible style again... or go back to the classic style... or do a whole (new) style. Guess I'll find out sometime this year.
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