Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sony is making my head hurt

Another one that I'm not going to bother linking at all. Earlier this morning I saw on several news sites statements to the effect that Sony says help is on the way for Playstation3 "Shortages." Sony intends to "fix" the shortages by May of this year.

Now, I wrote this post over on ( ) when this type of news popped up through New York times. I really am beginning to wonder if Sony is even on the same planet as us.
What shortages could Sony possibly be talking about? The Playstation3 isn't selling. It's too expensive, offers too little, and now the hardware based backwards compatibility with Playstation2 is being removed in favor of a software solution... that DOES NOT WORK.

I started writing a business plan to pull Sony out of the whole they dug themselves into, but I've stopped. I honestly do not want to help Sony at all anymore. As I said in the market research ( ), this is the real Sony Corporation. And I, for one, am not sure it is worth saving anymore.
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