Saturday, January 27, 2007

A word on Google-Bombs.

Google has made some changes to the algorithms in place in trying to deal with various Googlebombs, or linkbombs.

One of the best known of these practices is the search phrases "failure" and "miserable failure" bringing up George Bush's biography. Now, I personally have never been particularly happy with this particular bomb, for a couple reasons.

1st: Speaking from a social standpoint, what does it say about a party or people who have to manipulate data in order to get the results they want. In other words, if Bush was really a failure, would not that be born out in truth? Would there be a need to manipulate links in order to make the connection?

2nd: What does it say about the mindset of the people who feel, or think, that manipulating this data is their only way they have to say something.

Now, both questions are rather rhetorical. It is obvious to a neutral bystander that the people responsible for Linkbombing the term "failure" and "miserable failure" are the only true failures at work there.

However, it does uncover a couple other questions that don't sit well with those who create Linkbombs to begin with.

1: What political party affiliation are the culprits part of?
2: What are the social and economic opinions of the culprits?

Again, the answer is rather clear in the case of the President Bush LinkBomb. The culprits are more than likely Liberal Democrats with leanings towards the teachings of Marx or Stalin.

So, one final question.

Why do we never hear of this kind of behavior from Conservatives, whether they are tagged as Conservative Democrat or Conservative Republican?

Yeah. Squirm away culprits. Truth has never needed to be manipulated, only lies need to be manipulated.
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