Monday, January 29, 2007

Vista ... Service Pack 1?

Now, I'd like for people to note that this blog post is being made on January 29th. Microsoft Windows Vista has not yet actually been released to the public. That will happen tomorrow, on Janurary 30th.

So, then, why are there already at least 3 stories, and one dedicated site, talking about Service Pack 1 for Vista? The operating system isn't even out yet and there is already talk about fixing known issues with the OS, known problems with public exploits, and a laundry list of other issues.

On top of that the fixes for some "Fatal Errors have Occurred" are planned for a second half of the year launch. Meaning, after August.

This is, perhaps, one of the most disconcerting events surrounding Vista that I have seen. Never minding the inherent Digital Rights Re-Movement inherent to the system. This also is not unusual for Microsoft. The first Microsoft Windows NT5 system, Windows 2000, had over 6000 known and documented bugs that Microsoft publicly refused to address or fix before and after the Operating System's launch. The second Windows NT5 system, Windows Xp, added to the list of known issues that Microsoft just wasn't going to do anything about.

So, Microsoft has a long history of shipping their OS's with lots of known bugs, refusing to fix those bugs, unless forced to later.

Remind me again why any sane person is going to buying Vista?
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