Friday, February 17, 2012

America is not that Stupid.

Saw an interesting statement by Paul Krugman: "pundits who describe America as a fundamentally conservative country are wrong"

I think Mr. Krugman is right, but not in the way he thinks. I would phrase the statement like this: "America is not fundamentally stupid."

The fact is this: The socialistic economic policies exposed by liberal democrats like Obama and Nancy Pelosi do not work. Just off the top of my head I can reference U.S.S.R., China, Eastern Europe, and today's Western Europe of examples of this fact. The belief that "Big Brother Government" is a solution to problems has cost billions of human lives over any number of centuries.

I think on several levels the majority of the American Public realizes that Big Government is not an answer and that in order for them to personally succeed they need to do things themselves. Case in point here is me. I went out and got an education as a Pastry Chef. I will be soon starting a job putting my new education to use. I have not relied on the government to finance me. I haven't relied on food stamps. I have pulled myself back out of the hole I fell in and am ready to keep climbing upwards.

* * *

The success of the socialistic agenda and the rise of Big Government in the United States has largely succeeded due to a two-fold push. The first fold has been the traditional control of the mainstream news feeds. Organizations like ABC, NBC, MicrosoftNBC, CBS, CNN, Reuters, and the Associated Press are controlled by executives pushing a liberal democrat / socialist agenda. This control over the news has only been disrupted by the rise of the internet. Services such as MySpace, Facebook, and Blogger have given ordinary citizens the ability to connect with each other on a level that has dismantled the traditional news media. Today's American's are more comfortable with turning on the web-browser and doing a quick Google Search to check the background on a story, than just accepting the report on TV at face value.

Okay, to be fair I will address the elephant in the room here. Fox News is not the right-wing leaning pundit it's competitors make it out to be. From a purely political perspective Fox News is a neutral party whose owning corporation is a left-wing body, but finds the neutral positioning to be profitable. It is only in comparison to the other news networks which are entrenched in liberal democrat dogma that Fox News appears to be right wing. Again, rise of the internet. Google Search is your friend. The positioning of Fox News as an untrustworthy news source is dismantled on a regular basis. I'm not going to bother here, I have other things to type about.

The other fold has been the judicial system. Liberal Democrats have been successful in pushing their agenda through the courts. Why? Well, because everytime a Liberal Democrat policy comes up for an actual vote it gets shot down. Dramatic case in point would be granting homosexuals the "right" to marry.

When it comes down to it nobody involved with pushing the Homosexual agenda has actually been able to explain why Homosexuals marrying is a "good thing" and should be recognized under law. After-all the legal advantages of being married were initially drafted with idea of encouraging people to have children. You know, something Homosexuals can't physically accomplish. However the actual purposes of the legal advantages to being married have largely been ignored by those pressing the Homosexual Agenda in favor of banging on irrelevant topics like equal rights and equality. When legislation pushing the homosexual agenda have actually come up for a vote, the legsilation has been defeated even in states where the percentage of people with liberal democrat and socialistic ideologies is very high, such as California. I went into this subject back in 2007:

Since the votes for pro-homosexual legislation has failed the supporters have instead turned to the court system to get their way instead. Again, Google Search is your friend. Look it up. Although I would start here:

* * *

Getting back around to the point I was initially making, the push on socialism and big government has run into roadblocks over the past 4 years alone. The average citizen has seen for themselves the policies and effects of a liberal-democrat aligned political system under Obama. The Tea Party deserves credit as the only reason the degradation was halted with it's mid-presidential term election.

One of the key things to keep in mind here is that the Tea Party is not really a conservative or republican aligned political party, although the mass news media would love to position the Tea Party as such. The Tea Party is comprised of people with liberal philosophies, conservative philosophies, democrat backgrounds, republican backgrounds, and so on and so forth. The Tea Party is also about education.

An average Tea Party meeting is not just somebody handing out a little card and telling everybody else present how to vote. An average Tea Party meeting is citizens getting together and actually trying to learn about the political and economic issues at hand. The result is a voting party that approaches the polls with a better handle over what is being voted on. The problem the liberal democrats have is that educated voters are not likely to vote for policies, legislation, or candidates that have socialism aligned goals or ideals. This goes back to what I said at the start: The Average American is not actually stupid.

The backlash from the Tea Party shocked the, for lack of a better term, Old Guard Republicans. For probably the first time since Ronald Reagan the Republican Party was controlled by a new generation of voters who simply didn't toe the party line.

Now, is the Tea Party an overall conservative party? In some aspects yes, one could say the Tea Party has conservative alignments. These alignments are largely based on education of people who want to learn, not simple beliefs or repeated dogma. As evidenced in the 2010 elections, voter education is the worst enemy of liberal democrats and their policies.

* * *

If we accept that the average America citizen is not fundamentally stupid, then yes, economic recovery is possible. Getting officials into office who oppose Socialistic Policies and understand that a larger Government is going to solve no problems is just a part of the solution for America moving forward.

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