Friday, March 25, 2011

More details on the computers

Since I'm about to go list these computers on HardOCP, here's a bit more background on each one:

Core 2 Duo / RadeonHD 4850 Crossfire X2



As mentioned in the first post I'm wanting around $700 for this system. As can be seen from the photos it has some pretty extensive inside work with higher quality fans and the massive non-stock heatsink. The power supply is a modular from thermaltake, and yes I do have the modular cables not actually used in the chassis. They will ship with the computer.

The monitor is not included, but if somebody wants it, I'm looking for about $50 on the monitor. It has a resolution of 1280*1024 and only accepts D-SUB input.

This particular unit has both Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit edition and Mepis Linux 11 Beta 3 64bit installed. The Microsoft installation disc and license key used for this computer are included in the sale price.

Athlon 64 6000+ / Geforce GTS 250


For this computer I'm looking to get around $800. Like the Core 2 system this has upgraded main cooling and upgraded fans. It also uses a Thermaltake modular power supply, and yes the cables not used will be shipped with the computer.

As before the monitor is not included. I'm looking for around $100 for the monitor. Yes, I know that's bloody low for a 23" monitor, but it only does 1440*900, and the color balance is... not that great.

This particular unit has both Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit Editon and Mepis Linux 11 Beta 3 32bit installed. The Microsoft installation disc and license key used for this computer are included in the sale price. Yes, I do have another 64bit Vista Ultimate disc on hand. Yes I am open to dicussing shipping that instead of the 32bit disc.

Averatec 7100 Notebook

A surprise addition. I'm also selling this notebook:

It's an Averatec 7100 with a Turion64 X2 and an Nvidia Nforce Graphics chip. These things tend to go around $650 refurbished online. I'm only wanting $550 for this laptop.

First, this particular one has had it's memory upgraded to 2gb PC2 5300 mobile memory, and is packing a new-hard drive. That's all well and good. However, the battery is fried out. Even in power-save mode this thing will barely last 25 minutes, and that's with a bleeding edge linux kernel, brightness all the way down, and every power saving trick I know enabled. A new battery runs around $75 online before shipping.

In addition, because it has a new hard-drive, this laptop has no Microsoft Windows Operating System Installed and will not ship with a Microsoft Windows Operating System Disc.

This Laptop will only ship with Mepis Linux 11 Beta 3 Installed.

For those interested in the back-story, Averatec does not ship their laptops with Microsoft Windows installation discs. Their solution to providing installations of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems is to utilize a recovery partition on the laptop's single hardrive, which doesn't really make a lot of sense for a laptop where the most likely problem a user will experience... is physical hard-drive damage. According to Averetec they don't ship an installation disc because of Microsoft's Licensing terms, and I wasn't willing to ante up the cost to purchase a recovery disc from Avertec.

Again, for those interested in the computers, email me: