Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Will the economy recover?

Yes, I've been silent for the past several months. Mostly it's because I'm still hunting for a steady job and the lack of a steady paycheck has wrecked merry havoc with my capabilities to express complete and coherent thoughts as most of what I've attempted to write has degenerated into meaningless rambles. The type of written entry that I would place on Live-Journal behind a friend cut and then link to if I thought it had any substance or overall point.

For the first time in months, my spirits have been lifted. While it was not with a call offering a job-interview, or a call stating I had landed a job, it was with the November 2nd elections. As a country America peeled away the wool that the liberal democrats had pulled over their eyes, sending record numbers of unknown and untested political candidates backed only by the Taxed Enough Already party into the mansions of State governments and the halls of the nations Congressional Chambers.

Over the past two years the liberal-democrat political machine has been hiking taxes and destroying the ability of small business's to operate in a fiscally fit manner. Case in point, there is an upcoming tax that will start in January that will raise Small Business Tax by 7%. From my own point of view as a tech worker seeking employment, I've witnessed the small-business market drive itself into a state of hibernation in an attempt to whether the financial storm of a business-incompetent political party.

Now small business's, my bread and butter for employment, have hope that the high taxes will be repealed. There is hope that the unpopular and fiscally unsound health doctrines of the liberal democrats will be thrown in the gutter where they belong. There is hope that outright political non-sense such as needing to pass a bill to find out what's in a bill has seen its death.

The victory of the conservatives and the T.E.A. party is a bitter-sweet one for me. While I now have more hope of finding and landing a steady job, hopefully doing what I do best, which is writing or fixing computers, there is also an odd sense that it didn't have to be this way. One event that stands out to me is my encounter with the web-comic PvP Online.

During the run-up to the 2006 elections the head of a small business in the comic took a pro-Obama stance. Something that was so out of place I actually emailed the author of the comic, Scott Kurtz, over why his character was acting out of character. Given that the in-coming owner of the small business didn't change his tune, it was clear that Scott Kurtz didn't feel his character was out of character. At the very least it was obvious that Scott Kurtz did not understand either political party, or the history of the political parties, or the objectives of the political parties.

In fact, that was actually a problem with a lot of voters in 2006. Despite having access to the Internet and it's records of party speeches, party theories, party platforms, party voting records, and so on, many voters simply did not comprehend what the political parties stood for. Unfortunately it took 2 years of bad legislation and political incompetence for many Americans to realize just what socialism was, and what the goals of the liberal democrat party were. It didn't matter that one just needed to look at countries over in Europe to see what high tax rates and socialistic political agendas could do to a countries economy and ability to fend for itself. Too many Americans needed to learn the hardway just what Obama and his ilk stood for and worked for.

One of the questions being raised in this election season is whether or not the lessons learned will be remembered in the next election season. Will enough American's remember how Obama and the liberal democrats tried to destroy the American Economy? Is it actually possible to recover from the damage already wrought by the hands of an out-of-control socialist agenda?

I don't know. In 2006 I made the mistake of assuming that enough Americans would have the sense to actually research what each political party stood for and what each political party was capable of doing. I failed to account for the number of people who simply wanted to be in the history books for putting a colored president in office, regardless of the long term disaster it would cause.

My hope is that yes, America will have a long-bitter memory of the destruction that a liberal-democrat government can cause in such a short amount of time.
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