Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AMD to drop ATi branding

Quick note. I have received a confirmation email from AMD that there is a quote unquote brand transition on the horizon. The brand transitioning will see the removal of the ATi branding.

Now, as of this posting, I haven't actually had time to sit and talk with anybody from AMD over the subject. That doesn't mean I don't have some possibly awkward questions to ask them, if the questions can be answered.

First Question: Right now, every single Nintendo Wii that is shipping carries an ATi branding. I'm curious to know if the retirement of the ATi brand name will see Nintendo shipping retail boxes with the ATi logo replaced by an AMD logo.

Second Question: Are there any possible corporate relationships that could could deteriorate from listing an Intel Processor with an AMD graphics chip. Given some of the petty behavior witnessed by some tech corporations, is it possible that dropping the ATi branding will see competitors like Intel leaning on vendors to not use the AMD branding?

I guess what I'm going for can be demonstrated by Dell. Just go to http://www.dell.com/home/laptops and try to search for a laptop by the graphics chip. You'll find that you can search by Integrated Graphics and Dedicated Video Card on the Dell site. Once you make a selection the actual graphics chip information is still not displayed anywhere on the search results. In fact, it's not until you get to the Alienware models that Radeon graphics cards get any mention in the base search results.

I can just see more of this type of buried information tagging from some of the more petty tech companies. Yes, Intel has gotten better on the community relations front, and the not breaking every single Trade Law ever written front, but there's always the concern that the new friendly Intel is just a front in and of itself.

As far as I know, AMD has not addressed these particular questions, so this could be interesting if they do.
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