Monday, October 26, 2009

Changed Colors

You might notice that some of the colors have been adjusted here.

Well, there's a simple reason. When visiting this site on somebody's netbook, I found the links really, really, really hard to make out in the default orange and background white. This generally hasn't been a problem across the wide range of LCD panels and CRT displays that I normally use, so I haven't ever really noticed it before. On this person's little netbook screen, it was outright painful.

So I've gone with a darker background color to the page, and changed the links from orange to blue, which seem to stand out more. Hopefully this will work better across a wider range of hardware displays.


In... changing the colors... I've now got something else a little weirder in FireFox and Chrome at least. The left hand side bar extends further to the right, and the blog posts start in the center of the page and wrap all the way to the right...

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