Thursday, September 17, 2009

In God We Trust: the Story Microsoft-NBC will probably never run

The picture pretty much explains it all. Microsoft NBC decided to run a poll on their site asking whether or not In God We Trust should be removed from US Currency. The crushing NO is hard to ignore. What's even harder to ignore is the listed 16,983,97 respondents. Almost 17 million people had responded to the poll, and 89% of them said no. What's even harder to ignore after that is that this is Microsoft NBC, a liberal democrat bastion. The vast majority of people who visit the Microsoft NBC website are not conservatives. They are not republicans. They are not moderates. They are died in the wool left-wing Socialists. To see this kind of result, with Microsoft NBC's demographic, isn't just staggering. It's full on mind blowing.

The big problem is, Microsoft NBC can't run this story. They are a company run by Liberal Democrats, for Liberal Democrats. Reporting that the vast majority of site visitors said no to one of the Liberal Democrats main objectives... isn't going to sit well with Microsoft NBC advertisers. It's not going to sit well with the Obama administration. It's not going to sit well with the Liberal Democrat controlled congress. So, Microsoft NBC won't have any other choice but to push this story to the side, and never comment on it.

You might have also noticed that I'm deliberately stressing the Microsoft NBC partnership here, rather than using the MSNBC shorthand Microsoft would much rather have consumers using. Many consumers still haven't put together 2 and 2, and still don't quite get Microsoft's close relationship with the Liberal Democrats and the Democrat party. I can't spell it out any more than I already have, but if you're buying a copy of Windows 7... you are contributing to the campaign funds for the likes of Obama and Pelosi.

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Down8ve said...

You're absolutely right. I'm amused at the rather childish notion that we should, above all else, be "civil" and "respectful." Basically, all that means is to give place to foolishness, or treat ridiculous ideas with respect they do not deserve.

The adults in our once-great country are angry because the media has made us out to be nuts.

As a college prof I am saddened at my students' complete ignorance of history. It's an impossible job to give them the tools they need in order to acquire any wisdom at all.