Friday, September 26, 2008

Jack Thompson Disbarred : yay!

Bit of a congrats to the Florida State Bar. Jack Thompson is officially gone from legal process. He's got less than 30 days to close up any cases and shift his clients elsewhere, or if he has no clients, he's shut down immediatly.

The news of the disbarment has generated different responses in the video game world. Many gamers are taking the news like a ruling against SCO. It's great, but really, gamers should strive to hold the higher moral and ethical ground. Others are going out of their way to crack jokes about how disbarred Jack Thompson is.

As for myself, I find myself in the middle. I so very badly want to be the better person and not mock Jack Thompson at all. I do not want to make any jokes about what's left of his career. He brought the shame and misfortune upon himself, and I'm grateful that a weapon used by liberal democrats has been neutralized. At the same time, there is a feeling of pleasure gained from coming up with sarcastic comments and spiteful words to be thrown in the face of somebody like Jack Thompson.

I think I can say it best this way though: Good riddance to Bad rubbish.

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