Saturday, May 24, 2008

A dream

Dream : I'm more or less writing this down as from memory, it came across as trippy... but cool. A friend of mine had awakened me with a phone call during the dream, so I think I remembered most of it.
Opening sequence, a pirate ship in a swamp. Something is runng down the ship giving an overview, running past various anthrophormic animals. A hippo dressed like something out of PoTC stands out.

Still FPS view, running up two sets of stairs, down a long hallway to a segement on the back of the ship lookins out, sorta like the bay doors from Baloo's plane in Talespin.

Suddenly the view shifts... new eyes deep in a forest, and over voice is heard.

The first ... character... is speaking about how he's the captains son and he's valuable to the crew because he can see cracks in reality. He's now shifted into this... cracked view... looking through something else. Various white cracks appear on the ground... it looks like the water from Windwaker has overlayed the swamp...

As the "Posssed" character looks around the cracked viewpoint of the ground clears up. Some cracks remain, tracking towards some dark items are seen flying along... I recognize them as Nictus... The pirate character causes the possessed character to step back, and the possessed character was shown to have been standing atop, or next to, a statue of a deer, which is pulsing with a light green energy.

The posssessed character is forced to look around again, and then this time a bright glowing object is seen moving along close to the ground.

The pirate character seems to recognize this, and the term "Kitsune" is audible. Then, something happens, and the pirate character looses possession... the possessed character is no longer at the site of the deer statue... the possessed character is next to the pirate character who is revealed to have bird like features, more along the lines of Falco from star fox...

Then there is a startling feel of "I must tell the Pirate Queen" about what was seen, and another character is realized besides what must be the pirate prince.

The formerly possessed character takes off down the long hallway, then turns to the right to find a small set of stairs set into a doorway opposite the stairs from the main deck. There is a distinct feeling that the possessed character must tell the pirate queen not only about the kitsune that the Pirate prince saw, as well as the deer statue that appearently repulsed the Nictus... there is a feeling that the formerly possessed character must tell the queen that it's purpose at the location had been to hunt and destroy the Nictus... so they must be allies in whatever endeavor the pirates are involved in.

Up the short flight of stairs and a new room is seen. At the back of the room are large windows arrayed in a semi circle... indicating this must be the captains quarters... but the inside is mysteriously high tech. View screens and the back of computers can be seen. The middle console strongly resembles that of the middle console in an Enterprise class starship...

Down the room a new figure runs, a small child-like anthropomorphic bird... and an image of the pirate queen is imagined, slightly overweight, with dark brown feathers, a green skull cap, and dark blue blooming pants... though the Pirate queen is never seen.

The figure running towards the possessed character stops at the door... and then a distinct feeling of "I am too big to fit through this door" Then an audible voice... my voice.. says "No problem, I can shrink down" ... the "camera" cuts to 3rd person... The possessed person is myself.. then the camera goes back to FPS view as I pull in my breath... and then... I'm... smaller. As I step through the door the "camera" pitches back as I move through the door no bigger than the child-like bird moments before. A figure materializes, and begins to communicate a welcoming to the ship... it must be the pirate queen...

then I'm woken up. I'm sort of glad that I was woken up while in the middle of the dream so that I could remember parts of it. Maybe I can build a story around it...
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