Wednesday, January 16, 2008

OpenGL - Microsoft left?

Small comment again. Got into a discussion over OpenGL. Now, as I've posted before, I hold that DirectX is a dead format. It's a proprietary API that locks developers out of the maximum number of systems they can publish on.

So, I find it very interesting that when talking about OpenGL and going over who all uses the API, a couple of the names stand out. AMD for example, which fields consumer and professional level graphics cards, as well as mobile GPU's that run OGL exclusively. Nvidia's in there too, and they have much the same line-up as AMD's ATi brand.

Then there are computing heavy weights like IBM and Dell who deliver the hardware that a lot of movie studios use to produce CGI effects.

Then there are vendors like Sony, represented by Sony Computer Entertainment... and vendors like Creative who used to field a series of professional level graphics cards.

Further down the lists you'll find entries like Mitsubishi... and Blizzard Activision.

In fact, for the current list? Well, I can only see two major technological vendors missing from the list.

The first of course is Nintendo, which might not be a big a deal as you would think. With contracts with both IBM and AMD, Nintendo is probably better represented by both.

The second is... Microsoft. What makes this even more odd is that I know that unlike Nintendo, Microsoft used to be part of the OpenGL Architecture Review Board. So...

The next time someone says to you that Microsoft supports open Standards... point out that Microsoft left OpenGL in 2003... and hasn't made any effort to rejoin.
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