Monday, November 26, 2007

You cannot be a Christian and a Democrat

This is a topic I've been mulling on for a while, trying to decide whether or not I really wanted to broach it. I decided to finally go ahead with this entry after listening to a couple of AM talk radio shows, both local and national, and hearing people identifying themselves as Christians, but Democrats, calling in.

Thing is, you cannot be a Christian and be a Democrat at the same time. It is quite frankly an either / or position. The problem is clearly defining why this is so. Lets set some basic requirements for being a Christian. #1: There can be no other Gods. Jesus is the only God, and he is the only way to Salvation. #2: Christians are to hold a higher moral standard of Living, and are supposed to set the Standard on how to live. #3: There is a clear right and wrong, and it is a moral right and wrong that is determined by what the Christian Bible says.

Now, take these three requirements and apply them to the Democratic National Party, or just Democrats in general. One of the big cultural pushes being made by Democrats today is that of multiculturalism. Everybody's religion is fine, everybody has a different way to get to Heaven. All other religions are equal. This flies in the face of requirement #1. Christians cannot accept Jews, Mormons, Islamics, or any other religion as being equal. Christians can not, for one minute, think that anybody else can get into Heaven without having accepted Christ as their savior.

The issue is highlighted even further by the typical associates of the Democrats, the RIAA and MPAA. If you consider the music and movies, a lot of effort is put into place mocking Christian beliefs and behaviors. In popular movies the Christian is always the square who just doesn't get it, or is always the fool that gets killed first in a production of forced irony. Go ahead and count the number of movies produced by members of the Screen Actors Guild that portrayed Christians as reasonable and intelligent people. It won't actually take very long, and it is doubtful that you would use even one hand counting them all over the past 30 years.

So, being a Democrat means having to sign on as an ally to those who openly mock the Christian Faith. It also means having the party requirement of pushing beliefs and ideas that are directly counter to that of the Christian Faith.

Consider for requirement number #2, the standard of living. This again goes back to the music and movies industry. When Gone with the Wind was first released, it was given an R rating for it's singular use of one cuss word. Today, or rather a few years ago, Gone with the Wind was re-released into theaters and was giving a G rating. A typical PG film today is laced with obscenities and cuss words that most movie goers just take in as part of the experience. If you were to play a drinking game with such words on a current R rated movie, most movie goers would be drunk after a few minutes.

Lets bring that back around to the standard of living. Should Christians really be supporting, and allying themselves, with an industry that prides itself on pushing the envelope of verbal and visual filth?

The problem extends beyond Hollywood as well. Other liberal oriented institutions such as the ALCU and PAW go out of their way to protect and defend sickening behavior across the US. I've lost count of the number of stories about how liberal oriented institutions assisted in establishing gambling and Sexually Oriented Business's across various states, going against the wishes of communities where over 50% of the local population is dead set against such business's. Again, it really doesn't sound such Democrats are trying to set a higher standard of living.

When it comes to establishing socialistic programs such as HealthCare, again, Democrats are not known to set a higher standard. I've already been into that subject before with a post called Government is Not the Answer. Everytime a Government gets involved in a formally private, or also private industry, the Government lowers the standard.

In respect to requirement number #3, that of a clear right or wrong, Democrats fail even basic litmus tests. For example, Bill Clinton's indiscretions in the White House and against his wife. Everything was alright, just as long as he wasn't caught. Liberal Democrats are also known for saying things like anything goes. It is up to everybody to determine their own right and wrong. There are no Absolutes.

Well, speaking for myself, gravity seems pretty much absolute. The three laws of thermodynamics also seem pretty absolute. The point is, the Democratic party has systematically rejected the concept of a moral point of absolute wrong and absolute right. As a whole, the Democratic party rejects the Christian Bible as a standard of how to live, and as the final authority. Should a Christian really associate itself with a party that rejects the Christian's own standard?

I think my statement that a person cannot be a Christian and a Democrat stands then. Now, a Democrat can become a Christian, yes, but at that point, they will no longer be able to be a Democrat. Holding to the basics of being a Christian means rejecting the actions and motives of the Democratic party. The differences cannot be reconciled. One is always in violation of the other's primary beliefs.


Now, don't take this article to indicate that I don't like a good alien shooter, or a good monster movie. I'll root for Gojira to take down Tokyo just as quickly as anybody else. I'll also point out that Star Wars Ep4-6 proved you could have an intense action/romance Sci-Fi adventure without being vulgar. Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings proved you could bring Epic Fantasy to life, without the typical Hollywood filth.

I'd also point this out: Rob Rock, Chris Impellitteri, C. S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien ... they are / were Christians. Chew on that the next time you go pick up a music cd or a fantasy book.
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