Wednesday, October 03, 2007

*Gives Illiad a GREAT BIG HUG*

But overall I'd rate Halo 3 as just okay. Nothing Special.

Major. Major. Major PROPS to Illiad for having the guts to post that. But, then again, I've been saying that anybody who has played Metroid Prime 3 is wondering what the big fuss over Halo is about. Its sorta of... I don't want to say rewarding... but refreshing to see other people finally stand up and declare that Halo is just an average game. It's competent yes... but it ain't Half Life... it ain't Unreal... it ain't Quake or Doom, it certainly ain't Metroid... and Bungie is never going to have the development team to stand up to Retro Studios, Epic, and IDsoftware.

Anyways, while all of the people who bought Halo 3 are wondering what do they do now... I'm going to go back and play Metroid Prime 3. It actually does something new.
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