Friday, March 16, 2007

Mac'N'Cheese, done nicely.

I have several things on tap in my mind. From the Sonic and Excite Truck reviews for Gamenikki, telling Gabe Newell and Valve software that they need to get to Linux ASAP, and while figuring out how to tell people that my TV went south on me... oh wait, I already did that on the guide site...

Right now though I wanted to talk about food. I've gotten real used to eating Kroger Mac'n'Cheese since it, Butter, and milk are relatively cheap. While this isn't exactly Cooking with Stacy Vulture, here's how I get my Mac'n'Cheese to turn out nicely most of the time.

On average the Kroger brand Mac'n'Cheese requires about half a stick of butter, or half a cup of butter. Spread over two or three meals, the amount really isn't so bad. Personally though, any stick margarine will do, so feel free to get the "ultra healthy although it really isn't stuff" if you want to.

Start the Mac'n'Cheese cooking as listed on the boxes. 1 and 3/4's cup water and the Macaroni itself. Put it in the Microwave for 6 minutes. At 6 minutes, pull the Macaroni out and stir.

Put the Macaroni back in and set the timer again for six minutes. Now it's time to prepare the butter.

Take your half stick of butter and cut it 8 parts, sorta like this :: |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 |7 |8 |

If the butter is frozen, stop the microwave with about 1:30-1:35 left on the timer.

If the butter is not frozen, stop the Microwave with about 1:10-1:15 left on the timer.

Set the butter in a circle around the top of the Macaroni with one or two pieces in the middle (depends on the size of the bowl).

Let the Microwave complete out it's time.

Take the Macaroni out, stir the bowl.

Now add the powder and the Milk.

Stir again.

The idea is that the butter is both melted over the Macaroni, and is also absorbed by the Macaroni as well. This should make the Macaroni Fluffier and more moist. This also assures that most of the Macaroni gets some butter on it, which helps with the Cheese powder obtaining a more even coating over the Macaroni.

While this will not completely remove the powdered taste associated with cheap Mac'N'Cheese, it should make the meal a little bit more consistent.
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