Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Update : what am I up to

kinda need to give a status update...

right now I'm building the guides on 3 different systems, the processors listed below. I'll post more information about the systems later.

AXp 2500+ / Radeon x1600
K6-2 500mhz / Volari ... something. I honestly forget.
Intel Pentium 4 530 / Geforce 6800

and yes, I know, no 64bit systems in the line-up, and not really a fairly balanced version of systems in use, but it's what I have available.

OS is the most recent release of Mepis on DVD.

And... right now I have the following guides under progress

Opera: on-site Deb Repository Install
Opera: Ubuntu Source Install
Opera: .deb download / install
opera deserves better than the guide I wrote before: Couple of different reasons for all 3. The on-site .deb repositories might be different than the Ubuntu source, and the .deb download and install might be useful if you like to compile a CD or DVD with your favorite programs archived

Valve's Linux Servers : Counter Strike / HalfLife
forum request

irc request. Seems interesting.

Mepis DVD Install
Mepis DVD install / home account recovery
might as well show the new process step by step.

Mepis DVD Install / Video Capture
need to load up a straight vid capture of the Mepis install. Just give people an idea of how easy it is. The catch for me is that I want to capture the video from Linux, not from Windows. However, I'm... still fuzzy on getting video capture working properly. Gonna give myself a couple of weeks to get video capture working. If I can't, I'll just run it through Windows...


What would be nice for future guides:

I'd really like to redo the Unreal Guides using the Unreal Anthology pack, but as mentioned earlier, I'm kinda short on the... cash... side of things. I'm also interested in trying some more video cards in the systems... (so ATi/Amd... nvidia? hello?)

yeah, being selfish on that part asking for testing equipment... but then again, 2 weeks ago I couldn't have imagined asking for support on the guides, and I got a response that sent me slackjawed.


one... more... item. I'm kinda... well... fuzzy on a point. I'm hesitant to list those who donate because of privacy issues... I just don't want to throw people's names out there...

so... kinda need some feedback... would you want your name listed? or would you rather stay anonymous?

alright, back to work. the K6 system takes forever to do anything.
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