Friday, September 15, 2006

Open for business

Can't believe I'm doing this.

Okay, why Zerias? Why not Saist?

Well, seems that a blogspot entry already exists for a Saist, but it's not me.

Zerias is a name I created for City of Heroe's / City of Villians, and well, it was available. Simple as that. But, it's still me, the one, the only, the Saist. Insanity Unchained, Chaos Purified, the one who you'll find in the middle of a hurricane.

So, what's this about a Very Grumpy Bunny?

If the name VT-Grumpy-Bunny means anything to you, then it should be appearent. If you don't know about VT-Grumpy-Bunny, this explanation is for you. Several years ago when John Romero was designing Daikatana there was a story floated that someone would use the name Grumpy-Bunny while playing deathmatch. Afterall, what, just what, could possibly be more humiliating than getting slaughtered by a Grumpy Bunny?

One night, while playing UT'99 (as it's now known for some odd reason), I decided to just change my name to VT-Grumpy-Bunny, VT standing for my clan at the time. Decided to stick with the name. So, to this day, I'm still a grumpy bunny.

So, what's this blog about, why make it? What happened to your LJ? Don't you have a blog on Gamenikki?

Simply put, doesn't allow for several posts I would like to make. Comments that, well, just shouldn't be made by someone trying to be unbiased. This gives me a place to haul off at. So call it a rougher edge.

As far as the LJ goes, for those who read it, I created the LJ with intents of mimicking Jet Wolf's Operators Standing By. Considering that I no longer work that particular job, maybe it's time to move elsewhere. Course, doesn't mean that I'm going to delete it.

So, how often will this update?

Couldn't tell you. Really depends on how ticked I am at any given time.
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