Sunday, September 30, 2007

right thing to do would be to obtain an Nvidia card...

As a journalist and runner of a Linux support site, I find myself sometimes making purchases or asking for hardware I personally wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. As this blog notes I have severe issues with Intel, yet in order to provide support for the Intel platform I need to have Intel hardware on hand.

I also have severe problems with Nvidia. I have little to no respect for the their development team. However, I do have examples of all of their GPU's aside from the FX lineup and the 8x00 lineup. Well, with the launch of Mepis 7 around the bend, it is going to become more critical to have an Nvidia 8x00 series cards since many users are still somehow sold on the concept that Nvidia has better drivers than AMD/ATi.

Nvidia has also recently managed to make me eat my words. The most recent driver update for the Legacy 96xx driver set actually fixed years old problems with Geforce4 GPU's. Source: Phoronix. Nvidia has also made a concerted effort to improve it's driver release rate, and I see more legitimate bugs and issues being addressed in each readme. A recent post on OrangeCrate indicated that a recent Nvidia driver was successfully rendering at 1440*900.

Which leaves me in a odd position. I don't WANT to buy an Nvidia card... much as the same as I do not WANT to buy an Intel Core processor... but it looks like the right thing for me to do is pick up the hardware.

Either that or improve my "asking for cash or donation skills" to the point of somebody shipping me a card. Doubtful. I ask for money about as well as Microsoft writes server software.

(oh common, I had to take a Microsoft pot shot in there SOMEWHERE).

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